Cut On Horse’s Leg

How To Treat Cut On Horse’s Leg

This yearling colt sustained a deep cut to his hind leg. The injury is more serious than it appears. The cut was deep, and almost all the way through the leg.

Topical treatment included flushing the wound with an antibacterial saline solution, and application of PF Wonder Salve. The colt was also treated with antibiotics, and a tetanus shot. If there is evidence of bone infection or other deep infection, it is recommended that you seek veterinary treatment, and get control of the underlying infection as soon as possible. The antibiotic Excede is very effective in treating deep, underlying bacterial infection.

Treatment of Infection In Horse Wounds

In situations where deep infection is present, ichthammol does an excellent job of drawing infection, and works well along with antibiotic therapy. We often use ichthammol a day or two prior to using PF Wonder Salve on deep nasty wounds.

Bandage Leg Injuries On Horse’s Legs

Bandaging leg injuries may speed up the healing process. Bandaging plays a critical role in accelerating tissue growth, while reducing excessive granulation tissue (proud flesh) to leg areas. After the first week, due to the nature of this colt (he is bucking stock), PF Wonder Salve was applied once every 2-3 days without a bandage. PF Wonder Salve stays put on the wound surface forming a protective barrier that repels flies, and will not rub off or drip.

Tendon Damage & Broken Splint Bone On Horse

Due to the deep tendon and splint bone damage, this injury was a little slower healing than normal. However, as you can see, PF Wonder Salve provided a healthy wound bed, and promoted hair growth with no white hairs.

Prognosis For Horse With Deep Cut On Leg

The prognosis is excellent for the colt. Within 3 weeks the wound shrunk to to less than half it’s original size. Since the tendon has started to settle, healing has been quick. Final photo coming soon!

Deep Cut On Colt's Leg

Colt Leg Injury 2

Colt Cut Leg No Proud Flesh


Deep Cut On Horse's Leg | PF Wonder Salve

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